Company Overview

Transcendent Entertainment (“TE”) is a Production company based in Los Angeles, California that has been formed to develop, produce, and distribute a slate of feature films in the $1M - $25M budget range. The managers of Transcendent Entertainment have extensive experience within the Motion Picture industry and plan to utilize their relationships and guaranteed distribution pipeline to build a successful film slate.

Transcendent Entertainment has secured several key long-term production and distribution partners and as such, Transcendent is prepared to begin financing production now, with key relationships with both domestic and foreign distributors and foreign sales agents in place. As a result certain pre-sales are available and/or in place on some of the titles.

Transcendent Entertainment introduces a new entertainment paradigm having formed a unique operating entity through its equity partnerships between established motion picture filmmakers and a new distribution relationship with distribution partners who will be distributing several of our films. This unprecedented formation allows greater budgetary controls on production and acquisition of projects by guaranteeing distribution; thus maximizing revenue potential on each project. Additionally, the company’s management will seek additional partnerships with other quality filmmakers and production companies and evaluate what deals are in place; sometimes opting to take distribution to another studio if there is a better deal.

By providing distribution for our own pictures we can guarantee the proper release and marketing plan for each film. Not unlike the major film studios, TE will seek to mitigate the company’s risk when appropriate by subsidizing film budgets through key partnerships, foreign sales, and other Industry standard financing formulas. By combining traditional industry operations with the company’s unique business partnerships, TE provides a more secure, profitable business migration in the same way it’s predecessors New Line and Lions Gate did; making quality low budget films and releasing them into the market place with the proper release and marketing plan.

TE is committed to raise sufficient equity funds to enable the company to become a consistent financier, supplier and distributor of lower budget commercial titles to both domestic and international audiences. Equally important, management intends to partner with successful creative producers of major theatrical films to ensure that TE’s stream of productions will be characterized by high quality content and appealing talent - both actors and directors.

Investor Relations:

Transcendent Entertainment is currently soliciting investors for operational funding as well as financing of individual projects. Upon request we
will provide a current business plan, an EPK and a complete slate of active projects. For more information, please email your inquiry to


Strategic Overview

Transcendent Entertainment’s strategy involves insuring the company: