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Boom Town

Diego Coronado’s a successful businessman raising his 8-year-old daughter, Chloe, in 1905 Tijuana. Known as the last rail stop of the Old West the Tijuana territory is exactly what you would expect from a new pioneer town – land, booze, gambling and girls. But when a mysterious gang of Bandidos robs Diego’s saloon, Tijuana’s shady new Sheriff Sutton steps in.Read More.

On the payroll of Hector Saldoval, Baja’s notorious land boss, Sutton and his thug bunch of deputies and bandidos kidnap Chloe as collateral for the deeds to Diego’s piece of Tijuana -- part of a large play for Saldoval to solidify himself as the most powerful man in northern Mexico. But little do they know that Diegois no mere townsman. He’s hiding his own nefarious past.

Out for blood, Diego is forced to break a decade old pact of anonymity and call upon his old crew, a rag tag posse of badass gunslingers, to help get Chloe back and kill anyone who gets in their way. And what we come to realize is that Diego and Saldoval have a history that no one could’ve predicted.

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Vinnie Vanatta is a con artist devoid of any sense of morality. But spiritual payback enters his life one day in the form of two persons David Helms, a man of God with a secretive past, and Marlena Salguero, a downtrodden woman with an uncertain future. The collision of these three souls combusts into a struggle over not only their lives, but also their eternal salvation.