Patron was Billboard Magazine’s New Latin Artist of the Year in the last century. That was then and this is now. His glory days have skidded to a halt. His older son, Elvis Roy Cortina a.k.a. Fleetwood is a rising-star-producer in the world of hip hop. Patron’s marriage to the drug-addled Naomi had been cruising in manic gear until their offspring, Beats, nearly dies as a result of neglect. Now the switch has flipped; Patron, staring mid-life in the face, realizes it’s time to start over --- from scratch.

With the marriage crashed, Patron is forced to resort to not-necessarily-legal means of putting food on the table while attempting to make his way back to the top of the hip hop heap. He soon discovers his reckless adventure with Naomi is far from over when an ugly custody battle for Beats ensues. Fueled by an unrelenting desire to be a good dad and provider to Beats, Patron stops at nothing, including re-entry into the dangerous world of drugs and crime while feverishly outputting newly-inspired music. As an undercover operative for underground hip-hop icon Uzi, Patron learns the ropes of big-time drug dealing. As the story unfolds, a man desperate to revive his flagging career, deals with the challenges of being a single dad and picking up the pieces of a shattered marriage.

He has a lot to be grateful for but he wants more. He longs to recapture the excitement of being a star. One last shot at the title. Can he ever really get it back? And how far will he go to get there?



Simon Says...

Created by Danny Rodriguez


SIMON SAYS is your typical all american family adventure. Mr. GARCIA, a single father raising two impressionable boys.......well not really boys but rather men in their late twenties to early thirties who refuse to leave the nest. And not so typical. RUDY is large and has a menacing appearance but records girly voices for video games. Mr. Garcia is convinced that Rudy is gay and is constantly imploring him to just "come out and be happy". "I will always love you, you're my son hijo" ! But Rudy who has a girlfriend and is every bit heterosexual, insists..." I just do voices dad" ! Mr Garica answers with.. "well at least you can hold a job". On the subject of work, SIMON got fired from his security guard duties he put it... "I didn't know they had security cameras on me" and "I was hungry". Ok so it's not so typical. And while we're on that subject, Mr. Garcia's ex-wife refuses to give up her key to the house and always happ ens to walk in at the most opportune moment. Again not typical but fun and unpredictable. And when Rudy brings his older brother Simon down to the video mecca to apply for a security position, as fate would have it, Simon finds his purpose in life....his calling, what he was destined to do, play video games! Simon quickly becomes the toast of the video universe. And in that world, what Simon it will be it will be done! Simon's befriends two fellow "players" ...... Marvin aka Mack- five foot two and all of a buck o five. Super nerd but doesn’t know it. In his head he is the baddest man on the planet, he has his own original swag! His Guitar Hero skills and guiness world record have made him an internet rockstar! And..... Gerald- very quite, very soft spoken, does not like to get into any trouble but trouble seems to follow. A shy superman.... His video game super powers were discovered on a youtube clip when he was playing DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION (DDR), he went on to become the nationwide DDR champion and now heads all testing for all dance video games. Marvin, Gerald and Simon quickly become the new three amigos and boy does that drive Rudy crazy ! Not only is Simon now earning more than Rudy which is difficult enough, considering Rudy has ten years vested in this company but now he has two new unwanted friends who refuse to go home. Mr Garcia is estatic with the new additions... "The white kids I never had" ! Everyone is happy but Rudy ! Maybe we should call this, the ordeal of Rudy Garcia? serious.....simon says, it's simon says!