The Hip Hop Channel

The Hip Hop Channel, ("THC" or “H2TV” ) is launching an interactive media channel and programming service that will be distributed through IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) cable systems, satellite broadcasters, cellular phone companies, video-on-demand operators and other forms of satellite and terrestrial distribution.

The launch of the site is the first phase of its programming service and within one year the Company will launch its 24-hour cable and satellite channel. The launch of THC has been in planning and development since 2006. THC is positioned to become the “go-to” source for credible programming and international online community representing and reflecting the true spirit of the Hip Hop culture.

The Company is presently planning to launch its interactive media site by January 1, 2012 and will continue to roll out its programming on other media platforms as described above. The Company’s strategy is to launch the THC brand and create an international customer base and then extend its brand to television through a 24-hour cable network within one year of its interactive media launch. This two-phase launch of its brand and programming allows it to stake its claim as the first authentic and “real” programming service and create revenues before investing in its 24-hour channel. Early investors will enjoy an increased valuation when the second stage of funding is secured.

The Company is focused on providing credible and relative programming for the exploding and multicultural Hip Hop demographic market. With no true competitors in this rapidly growing market, we feel that there are unlimited opportunities to provide a quality broadcasting service to the Hip Hop community.

THC is like no other network and will connect with White, Asian, Hispanic and African-American viewers in the U.S. as well as Hip Hop fans around the world. The most common misconception about Hip Hop is that it is strictly Rap music and that the audience is mostly African American. THC will be programmed for the Hip Hop community that is a multicultural audience of 12 to 34 year olds with over $1 Trillion dollars of purchasing power.

Over 80% of all Hip Hop music is purchased by young, white Americans and the Hip Hop lifestyle now includes cars, fashion, social networking, music and certain genres of entertainment. H2TV will broadcast movies, interactive music videos, series and original programming that include talk shows, concerts, fashion shows, reality shows and high profile celebrity interviews and other programs.